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Frequently Asked Question

How can I purchase a Kosmo Twelve NFT?

First, download the Maiar Wallet and set up your Elrond account, you can use the link here: 

Secondly, you can use the on-ramp option within the Maiar App, or transfer $EGLD to your Maiar wallet from your preferred digital asset exchange. 

Connect your Maiar Wallet when Kosmo Twelve NFT is finally launched!

What is EGLD? 

Elrond Gold ($EGLD) is the Native Coin of the Elrond Network Blockchain. Users need $EGLD to operate and associate with applications within the Elrond Network ecosystem.

Elrond is suggested to be one of the most secure and efficient layer 1 blockchains in the entire crypto space. 

Is each Kosmo Twelve NFT unique?

Yes, each Kosmo Twelve NFT is unique in its own way. Some with rarer attributes than others, but regardless, a beautiful NFT art to add to your collection. 

Which wallets will I be able to use to mint an NFT?

Maiar Wallet. 

Can be downloaded using this link-

Elrond Web Browser Wallet:


When can I purchase a Kosmo Twelve NFT?


240 Collectibles

Presale Whitelist Registration (60 Slots Only): May 5, 2022

Public Sale: June 6, 2022 


How many Kosmo Twelve NFTs are in the collection?

240 Collectibles and 3333 Public Mints (Generative art collection)


What is the market price for Kosmo Twelve NFT?  

240 Collectibles

Pre-sale: HKD 400 / 0.33 EGLD 

Public Sale: HKD 800 / 0.66 EGLD 

Who is the team behind Kosmo Twelve?

We are a team of blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists, marketing and events experts, along with our extremely talented artist whom hand draws all the NFTs. Each of us holds a purpose to create a more mindful, sustainable, and conscious community to provide a platform for people to be themselves and explore their limitless potential. 


How can I contact the team?

Feel free to contact us on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord!

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